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15. November - 2018
Published on 15-11-2018

1. Only standard members are provided with rented referrals.
2. Earnings for standard members depends exclusively on advertisers.
3. Due to various misconduct about payments, we have increased to $ 1 because there are people who are rampant who have created and still make duplicate tasks.
4. From now on, anyone who does not publish proof of payment will be suspended and will not receive his earnings. Please carefully read our Terms of Use, because any violation will be punished by suspending your account.

New design, new package.
Published on 14-11-2018

We bought a new site design and introduced new packages different from other ptc sites. Now, along with a $ 60 gold Gold Member earn after one year, you earn $ 72. You noticed that we've changed our packages three times and many are going from us because of that, we very much apologize and promise that there are no more changes. This site is not a part of the scam to be sure ... Request a payment and get;)

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