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18. June. 2019
Published on 18-06-2019

1. We've improved our earnings for all packages.

2. Ultimate Lumi membership is raise cost, but it also has a much better specification of earnings.

3. All referrals limit now is unlimited. Please view Upgrade Account page for other details.

4. PROMO: Buy Golden Lumi Yearly and get 300 rented referrals one month.

5. The registration bonus has expired. All users who have registered a bonus today expire in 7 days.

Published on 18-06-2019

Golden Lumi Monthly - $10.00

  • 70 Rented Referrals
  • 1000 Paid To Click Credits
  • Golden Lumi Membership


Golden Lumi Yearly - $120.00

  • 10000 Paid To Click Credits
  • 100000 Banner Ad Credits
  • 300 Rented Referrals
  • Golden Lumi Yearly Membership
14. June. 2019
Published on 14-06-2019

From now on, rented referrals are enabled. Make a discount of up to% 50 on the extension of your rented referrals.

26. May-2019
Published on 26-05-2019

We apologize to all visitors for interference when registering on our site This morning we noticed this and we solved this problem, please, all registered users who have been deleted from their account to register again if they wish.

Welcome to LumiCliX
Published on 22-05-2019

Hello guys, welcome back to LumiCliX. Register and earn